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Sunday, April 21, 2013

My unserstanding of the Great Gatsby in a poem!

Looking down my street, glittered faces shining as if they were famous. 
All visitors sad, lonely, insecure, mad, and condemned from their society, come to party and run from shame. Shameless lives, they tend to mask themselves in their lies. Running into Mr. Jack Violent's glorious palace off the edge of my lawn. Day and night he hosted many of his parties. Yet he never shows up in his own meetings filled with total strangers. Though he just has open bashes. He really does have a reason for such crashes, and clashes, and dashes in his home. But he is covered. Rumoured by secrets, it has shadowed the truth of his own self, that he might not even know who he is. Mr. Violent seems so bliss with wealth! Yet nobody to share, text, call, no email adress, he just stays home lonely. Seems as if his own home is obsolete. Everyone uses it except for the owner. What does he want?
Is it to taunt others? (As the rumors say so). So many questions. So many resolutions for one of them. This man was such a mystery. I was afraid to even ask for his history. Whatever lies before his handsome looks, might a cruel beast. For the past two days. He has been out of his home weirdly enough. I saw him smiling through the windshield of his shining spotless four wheeled elise vehicle. Soon even more outrages rumors spread. They say he stabbed a man with a sickle for a hamburger. Funny he , out of all the people killed for food. Two days later buzz on him was he was killed for buying a cat or some kids were dared to kill him. Oh what a grim, never knew him.... Ooh! Dr. Zoidberg is having a celebration.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The great Gatsby notes chp.4

Gatsby has a lot of visitors and nick wrote down how many since last summer. It starts going into some parties,  gathering, a drunk accident, his old friend from yale, it felt as if he let strangers, pure syrangers into his home. One morning at 9 o'clock gatsby went to his house telling him they are going out for lunch. Gatsby , to nick, wasn't very much of a small talker.
The ride escalated into gatsby asking nick for his opinion about him. He doesnt want all those stories stirring up nicks head giving him a bad impression on jay (gatsby).
Gatsby tried to tell him about how he was born in a wealthy family, born in america, and was educated from oxford. Nick new why jordan baker didnt believ why he was lying he got the glimpse of gatsby "chocking" when he said. "Educated at oxford". Which made nick wonder about anything sinister going on up in his head.
Gatsby was serious about the part where he put out his family was dead and he took the wealth of his family. He was talking about his life in his beautiful life collecting jewelry (mostly rubies), hunting big game, and trying to forget something very sad That had happened to him a very long time ago. Nick tried his best not trying to laugh . Then the war came for gatsby and he tried to die in the war. (Why? I can somehow understand his point of view but was it that bad?) He was prized in the war with first lieutenant., he was great support with light muchine guns.and promoted major and had allies decoration. He went to Montenegro and showed a ribbon from Montenegro for further proof. Gatsby opened himself up to nick by showing a chest of rubies, tigers mounted and a gnawing heart that was brocken so he was telling the truth. Nick has to wait until the afternoon to hear gatsby's little secret. He has a little get together with his friend miss baker
He showed a policeman his oxford card he wasnt lying
He saw a rich car with "negroes" they looked at gatby and nick. Nick was laughing at their proud rivalry.
Gatsby and nick have lunch.
Gatsby bought his house so Daisy was across the way

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This is my new photo I made.

As time comes, we will learn that the way we live is so Modern.. but yet so primitive.


I would love to make a mind map with a the Author's credo. i am reading a free book of George on  google store. and  I want to put his biography with some good stuff because we... he was a ladies man. So it would be a little interesting, put out some quotes and pictures and how his book actually felt and how it was, what he affected in his lifetime ( he got a nobel prize took the trophy and rejected the money, he was writing for the people strictly)

I am... (Modernist Project)

I am respectful to all woman and men.

I am helping rights become more enforced for the species not race, nor gender.

I am a man in a child's mind.

I am what I created not what I found.

I am Athiest.